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Through the joy of music and movement, Kindermusik encourages early learning and creativity in children from birth through 7 years of age. It allows your child to explore the world in a secure, stimulating environment, filling him with a sense of curiosity,  wonder, and the delight of self-expression.

Kindermusik is a gently structured, flexible curriculum  that allows your child to learn and develop at his own pace. It is not a "toddler prep school" that pushes young children to learn. The goal of Kindermusik isn't necessarily to make your child a musician, but to make him more eager to learn, more awake and wholly alive in the world.

A rich assortment of musical activities is designed to promote language development, symbolic thinking,  coordination, and social interactions, while cultivating your child's imagination.

Kindermusik provides a four-stage curriculum  carefully designed to reflect and match your child's age and developmental level. There are no  prerequisites - each stage provides unique learning opportunities. Since the emphasis in Kindermusik is on your child's development and not on music instruction, there is no better method  for introducing your child to music.

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The Kindermusik Clinton studio is located at the Cascades Clubhouse at 60 Cascades Circle West, Clinton, Mississippi.
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709 Woodridge Place
Clinton, MS 39056
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